Capturing Memories

I am a wife and mom of three (see my crew ^^) who took up photography several years ago as a hobby. I love every aspect of it, especially meeting wonderful people who let me capture their most precious moments and watch their families grow year after year. My goal is that we'll have a blast together and your photos will be timeless and intimate.

My style of shooting leans more on prompts vs. poses so that I can capture true expressions and emotions in the moment. I love details like cute chubby fingers wrapped around mom's, or the groom's hand softly on the bride's back. I want to get the whole story, not just your smiling faces.

While I'm editing galleries, I often picture your kids, grandkids, great-grandkids coming across the photos years from now and being able to live in that memory. How I would love a photograph of my grandma at three years old, with a genuine laugh; my grandpa as a high school senior in his letterman jacket; or my great grandparents on their wedding day, sharing their first kiss! That's what it's all about!

My Faves

  • Coffee - hot or iced and any time of day (basic? I know and I don't care) Coffee.
  • Lake Michigan in the summer
  • Mint Chocolate Chip and Blue Moon (make it Hudsonville)
  • Reliving childhood through my kids' eyes (zoos, sporting events, movies, bubbles!)
  • Mackinac Island
  • Dateline and Shark Tank, but also The Office and Parks and Rec
  • Taylor Swift and anything 90s
  • Baby toes!!
  • An empty dishwasher (#momlife)
  • Lists - making them and reading them (pretty much if it's not a list, I'm not sticking around)